Performance Expectations

Email acknowledgment within 24 hours of receipt

  • Date of receipt
  • Name of assigned adjuster
  • Adjuster contact information

Insured contact within 24-48 hours of receipt

  • Provide adjuster information

Reserve management

  • Assignment form will have estimated reserve amount
  • Field discovery of inadequate reserves are notified immediately
  • First report must contain accurate reverse, which is due within 14 days
  • Status reports and reserves updated every 30 days
  • Reserves assigned by specific location
    • Commercial
      • Building number
      • Business personal property
      • Business Income
    • Residential
      • Dwelling
      • Other structures
      • Personal Property
      • Fair Rental Value

Inspection within 72 hours of assignment

  • On site inspection within 72 hours
  • “Drive-by” acceptable in First Report (unavailable or uncooperative policyholder)
  • Identify and determine cause of loss; Identify any concurrent causation issues

Scope of Damage-Building or Dwelling

  • Complete walk-thru
  • Accurate measurements
  • Identify and document visible and possible hidden damage
  • Identify quality of materials
  • Age and useful life determination

Scope of Damage Personal Property

  • Inspection of all damaged items on first adjuster visit
  • Inventory to include:
    • Description
    • Age
    • Repair or Replace Opinion

Building Diagram

  • Footprint
  • Individual rooms
  • Unique or non-standard features
  • Measurements
  • Identification of damaged area(s)


  • Exterior corners
  • Sufficient photos to document extent of damage to structures and personal property
  • Labeling
    • Claim #
    • Insured’s name
    • Date of Loss
    • Description of photo elements
    • Date taken

Subrogation opportunities:

  • Inadequacy of roof fasteners on edge of roof membranes
  • Improper or substandard nails or screws
  • Improper or substandard decking attachments
  • Recovery opinion including any expert inspection


  • Estimates are written by the field adjuster
  • Estimates are reviewed by DCG quality control section
  • Consideration given to large repetitive loss that can affect contractor’s repairs
  • Building material pricing to reflect localized pricing
  • Sales tax included if a taxable entity

Estimate content:

  • Individual room calculations
  • Line by line RCV, depreciation and ACV calculations
  • Overhead and Profit within established guidelines
  • Florida pool and patio enclosures within established guidelines
  • Never to include:
    • Lump sum items
    • Unnecessary use of adjustments for base service charges
    • Date of Loss
    • Identical and repetitive use of minimum charges on a room by room basis

Business Income Loss-defer to Carrier for approval to handle.

  • Experts:
    • Pre-approval requirement
    • Utilization of pre-qualified experts


  • RCV & ACV required for both building and personal property
  • Consideration of co-insurance criteria for ACV (varies by State)
  • Physical Value (replacement cost less depreciation)
  • Market Value
  • Broad evidence (balanced calculation)


  • First report 14 days:
    • Initial contact date
    • Inspection date
  • Subsequent reports every 30 days until closed
    • Dependent upon all damages having adjuster comment and documented